Terms and conditions

Conditions for seasonal places Herewith follow the terms for renting a seasonal pitch at Blushøj Camping. The vehicle can be used during the rental period by the persons who are written on the contract. Rental periods and prices appear in the price list When ordering the season place, a deposit of DKK 1,000 is paid. The remaining amount is paid at the latest at the start of the season. The price covers 2 adults and 2 children living at home or 2 grandchildren according to the list Additional children and grandchildren can be added to the list. It is also possible to add additional adults to the list. Persons other than those included in the season price pay the usual accommodation fee. Overnight guests and day guests are registered upon arrival. Day guests pay a regular guest ticket and must park in the car park. It is possible to buy a guest card, which covers all day visitors during the season. It is possible to make different options, e.g. extend a pre-season, or purchase an additional post-season and winter storage. It is not possible to extend an A spring place by more than the purchased weeks. All guests (overnight and day guests) must refer to the information before entering the site. The season price does not include electricity. Electricity is billed according to consumption when the cart is removed. The price for electricity appears in the price list Electricity meter is delivered when the cart is set up. As security for the electricity meter, a deposit of DKK 500 is paid when it is handed over. Settlement of electricity takes place in accordance with that the cart is removed and no later than 25/9 at 11:00 The season pitch cannot be transferred or sublet to others. It is not permitted to take up permanent residence at the campsite, just as registration in the population register at the site's address is not permitted. The tenant is responsible for the campsite's regulations being observed, and for the designated area to be kept clean, tidy and mowed at all times. Fibertex, pressings etc. must go a maximum of 10 cm outside the awning. You must mow the grass behind and around the caravan and awning yourself at least every 14 days. If you do not have a lawnmower yourself, it is possible to borrow one from us. Just go to the kiosk/information desk, we will continuously make sure that there is petrol on it. If you use your own lawnmower and use grass collection, this must be emptied in a designated place. Cut grass must not be placed in the container, the waste racks or thrown into bushes or on the slopes. At the campsite we have waste sorting where there are containers and containers for: - Cardboard/Paper - Glass/Bottles - Metal/Cans - Clean plastic and packaging - Residual waste for incineration o Leftover food o Dog bags o Pizza trays o.o.l. Tarpaulins, carpets, furniture, tents etc. handed in at the recycling station on Hans Winthers Vej, Ebeltoft. The distance between tent / caravan / tarpaulin must be at least 3 meters due to the fire hazard, and it is therefore important that you place your tent / caravan / tarpaulin at least 1.5 meters from the signposts. Reading tarpaulins, storage tents/garage tents and all tents other than the awning must be taken down when the unit is unoccupied. Dogs are welcome, but must be kept on a short lead and litter picked up. Pets are not allowed indoors in the service buildings. Dog fences must be taken down when the unit is unoccupied. The boom is closed from 22:30 to 7:00. During this period, all motoring on the site is not permitted. Use of swimming pool, playground, ball fields, moon cars and rented bicycles etc. done at own/parents' responsibility also read our information on the use of cookies here